In IberoLatam we live in a constant process of transformation

among our different operations to attend not only to the market and client requirements but also to continue being an innovator and leader in the customer service and tech markets.

To leverage this process and culture of doing things, we implemented the TP Digital - TAP Transformation Program, which stands for Technology, Analytics, and Process Excellence & Improvement, and looks out for building innovative processes and products for the new technological advances and digital interconnections among people and businesses.

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TP Digital – TAP Transformation Program

TAP is based on 3 strategic pillars that integrate a new mindset, new resources and tools, and a new framework to maintain and develop the transformation and innovation process inside the Company within the region. The idea will always be to be one step ahead, making innovation and business transformation predict not only what we need now, but also in the future.


¨At Teleperformance, we believe that CX matters the most amid the increasing uncertainty and disruption of today’s competitive environment by helping to accelerate business results and deliver the experiences customers expect¨

Bhupender Singh - President of Group Transformation, Teleperformance

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